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South Florida Wedding Photography By Giganni Lopez

Meet Gigi

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I am a South Florida wedding photographer living in Miami, Florida with my adorable offspring. I was also born here… but “grown” in the beautiful Florida Keys. Yep! I’m an island girl at heart. I enjoy the smell of salt water in the wind, sand in my toes, the stench of low-tide and a frequent dose of vitamin SEA.

I don’t have one of those “I’ve had a camera since I was 5 years old” stories because I did not. I didn’t really take interest in photography until my junior year in college. Using my camera as a tool for self-expression through pictures allowed my introverted self to stay behind the camera while, at the same time, self-discovering a gift of being able to see emotions & feelings within people a lot easier than others could. Photographing during this time let me enrich, nurture & play with this new ability I had recently found within myself. 

After graduating from Miami International University of Art in Design with a Bachelor’s in Interactive Media & Web Design, all I wanted from my career were two things:

#1. I wanted to be my own boss. Because when you’re your own boss, you’re free—and no one can put a cap on what you make or how you choose to express yourself. I can have the liberty to just be me.

#2. I wanted to CREATE something for other people that was IMPORTANT… something so valuable that it goes above and beyond just me. 

I learned what photography REALLY was after capturing a few projects and weddings as a hobby for friends and family; and within a few months of doing so is when I realized that THIS was IT for me. Photography, specifically wedding photography… marks the beginning of a couple’s family history. A wedding is the day when two separate individuals come together as one and become a family. Having this legacy documented in photographs FOREVER is EXTRAORDINARY. It’s for your family member’s now… and for when they are no longer with you. As a documentary wedding photographer, I am creating a “time capsule” of very specific and important moments in the lives of my clients.

For me, it was important to feel a sense of completion and I knew that I would not find it with the desires of the superficial things in life such as wealth & reputation. The effect we have on others is the most valuable thing there is. What’s mine? How can I serve the world? What do people need that my talent can provide? That’s all I had to figure out.

Today, I’m thankful that I did. Since launching my full-time wedding photography business in 2011, my work allows me to continue pursuing my passion for documenting love and life. I’ve had the privilege of photographing ceremonies all around South Florida, Miami and down south throughout Key Largo and Key West. Photography gives me something to give to others… AND I LOVE THAT.

But, what I love most of all is being a mother to Kane… my 3 year old son. Nothing else produces the amount of joy or broken heart that being his mom allows. I couldn’t imagine going through life without feeling this full spectrum of emotion that he has given me. It is the most extreme measure of being alive.